Heated Glove Liners M/LG

Heated Glove Liners M/LG



Every rider is unique. Some look for a supplement heat source in addition to their favourite motorcycle gloves, while others simply need a thinner glove with heating capabilities.



The Motorcycle Heated Glove Liners allows each rider to enjoy their own motorcycle glove without the sacrifice of heat performance. The heated glove liner’s thin material contours to the hand, which allows the heated glove liner to comfortably fit under the rider’s outer motorcycle glove.



If two glove layers is too much, feel free to wear the heated glove liners on their own and still enjoy top-quality warmth. You can also plug your liners directly into your Venture Jacket Liner to remove any extra wiring.



Ventures 12V Rechargeable Battery can be purchased from our 12V accessories page as it “12V Gloves and Duo Vest Rechargeable Battery and Charger Accessories” so you don’t have to be wired to the bike.


XTC Comfort Technology

Wearable Heating Technology is stealth yet effective. The flexible heating element covers from the top the hand into the perimeter of each fingers, and the back of the palm.  The heating element is safe to use in rain or snow.


Built-in Temperature Control

These glove liners come with 3 different heat settings (low, medium and high). Allowing you to find the perfect temperature to suit your body and the weather.


Think Thin

Specifically designed to comfortably fit under any motorcycle glove with minimal impact and added comfort.


Touchscreen Friendly

Keep the glove liner on and navigate through any smartphone, tablet, or GPS system.


Quick Release Cabling

Venture Heat’s cabling is a coax cable that is designed quick release, just  in case you forget to disconnect from the bike.